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Cardboard Creatives

Scanning the streetNavigating Melbourne without tripping over a pop-up shop is near impossible. Anything from Taco’s to Danish furniture. The eldest Knuffle Kid is in on the action now. Saturday morning involved building and decorating a shop, then curating a collection. The curious items for sale included a homemade cardboard-mobile phone ($4), an eraser ($5) and wind-up tin toys (inspiration for an early Knuffle Kid range). Permission to sell assumed. At least they were priced at $6. For about 4 hours she sat out the front, scanning the street for customers. A dog-walking couple idled by, an adorable local eccentric power-walked past with a brief look-in, and a few older school girls wandered past. Yep, 5 people over 3 hours. As the sun set, and the cold evening well advanced, she had to nearly be dragged inside. At dinner – with one sale under the belt and 50c in hand – she eyed off a few bags of lemons brought over from her aunty’s place. “Mum, can I have those lemons?”. So next weekend, if you’re in the ‘hood and need some lemons…

Or just play a few cardboard arcade games.

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


BlockiesBike helmets became mandatory in Australia in the 80’s. The government of the time decided that getting Molly Meldrum to star in an ad wearing a stackhat would convince people that it was cool. Even Molly’s logic isn’t that warped. I’ve recently been coaching my daughter to ride, and she’s doing it with style. The most awesome helmets I’ve ever seen. Seriously, these better come in goat-size.

xx Nanny Goat